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Formula 1: Bottas brings pole position in Mexico

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Latter Boats will start from pole position in the Grand Prix of Mexico. The Finn drove in qualifying of the Formula 1 on Saturday in 1: 15.875 minutes, the fastest lap and gave Mercedes surprisingly the first launch site. It is the 19th career pole for Boats.

The strong performance of the Silver Arrows was rounded off by world champion Lewis Hamilton, who finished second and starts with an advantage on championship leader Max Verstappen in the 18th race of the season on Sunday (20.00). The favored Dutch in the Red Bull had to settle for third place. The second row completes his Mexican team-mate Sergio Perez.

Sebastian Vettel missed the Aston Martin eleventh Q3, due to engine start penalties for the competition, however, from ninth place and has a good chance of scoring points in the race. Mick Schumacher failed in the low Haas racing cars in Q1, but also benefits from engine penalties and is in 15th place.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Mexico — The starting grid for tomorrow

Po s. | driver | team - 1 |

Latter Boats

| Mercedes 2 |

Lewis Hamilton

| Mercedes 3 |


| Red Bull 4 |

Sergio Perez

| Red Bull 5 |

Pierre Gaily

| Alphatauri 6 |

Carlos Saint

| Ferrari 7 |

Daniel Riccardo

| McLaren 8 |

Charles Leclerc

| Ferrari 9 |

Sebastian Vettel

| Aston Martin

10 |

Mimi Raikkonen

| Alfa Romeo 11 |

Antonio Giovinazzi

| Alfa Romeo 12 |

Fernando Alonso

| Alpine 13 |

Bottas snatches pole position in Mexico City GP #f1 #valtteribottas Nicholas Latin

| Williams 14 |

Mick Schumacher

| Haas F1 15 |

Nikita Casein

| Haas F1 — + 5 places gearbox change |

George Russell

| Williams -New engine start from the end |

Yuri Sunday

| Alphatauri -New engine start from the end |

Land Norris

| McLaren -New engine start from the end |

Esteban Icon

| Alpine -New engine start from the end |

Lance Stroll

| Aston Martin

Formula 1: Qualifying in Mexico in Live Scores for future

Mercedes dominated qualifying: Either Mercedes has put forward a huge bluff in the training or still really found something for qualifying. After Max Verstappen dominated the events so far, it was in Q3 Mercedes, which set the tone. I was not sure what happened to the two guys in front of me, said Verstappen his final round. I thought there might be yellow flags, so I went off the gas. Now it is stretched tomorrow, what tactics Mercedes applies in the race. Boats will forward may go away or should he make for Hamilton early place and play the pad in the direction of Red Bull?

End Qualifying: The qualifying at the Autonomy Germans Rodríguez is completed. Pierre Gaily is fifth ahead of Carlos Saint. Daniel Riccardo finished the qualifying in seventh ahead of Charles Leclerc. Yuri Sunday and Land Norris completed the top ten, but slip tomorrow because of their penalties back.

Latter Boats wins the qualifying of the Mexico Grand Prix: Latter Boats can not improve, at the end of his time ranges but loose for the pole at the race in Mexico! A 1: 15,875 presented to the Finns. Lewis Hamilton finished second behind. Have beaten the Red Bull. Verstappen is third ahead of Sergio Pérez. What an idiot, complains Verstappen. Yuri was meant Sunday, who had tried to dissolve into thin air after he had fulfilled his duty as slipstream sender Gaily.

Red Bull defeated for errors: Perez comes off the track and ruined his final Q3 lap while Verstappen is braked at the entrance to the stadium area. So are the hopes of Red Bull on pole there!

Not Looks good for Red Bull while Latter Boats At length again, not being able to attack the Mercedes the cops seem: Boats is a step ahead.

It s back on track: Now it is back on track! Can anyone Latter Boats displace from pole? McLaren makes start again, closely followed by the duo of AlphaTauri ahead of the two Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes.

pit radio Max Verstappen: How was the balance?, You ask for at Verstappen. Not good, replies Verstappen. The car slides at the rear lot. After the first runs Mercedes confidently leads Red Bull. Pierre Gaily is fifth ahead of Charles Leclerc and Daniel Riccardo.

New best time of Latter Boats in Q3: Small surprise after the first fast laps. Not Verstappen leads the field but the two Mercedes. A 1: 5875 has been burning Boats in the asphalt. Hamilton was 0.145 seconds slower. Verstappen lacked 0.3 seconds. Mercedes has since bluffing in training?

New personal best of Pierre Gaily in Q3: The first two drivers with Riccardo and Gaily through already. Of them Pierre Gaily could bring up the better time. 1: 16,504, the Frenchman needed for his round.

All on the route: Now all drivers are on the track. Of course, everyone is back on the soft tire. The Red Bull are relatively wide front, Mercedes will graduate.

McLaren makes the beginning: McLaren makes the beginning and sends Norris and then Riccardo on the route. Little later follows the Alphatauri Duo. She smells like you try to play with wind shadows.

Q3 started: Now it s about everything! In the next twelve minutes, the drivers fight around the poles in tomorrow s race. Not really serious, but Land Norris and Yuri Sunday do. For them, it is almost only about leaving places 17 and 18. Both have a motor penalty.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Mexico in Live ticker — Q3 Start

Q2 ends: Q2 is finished! The first driver elected Sebastian Vettel. Tomorrow he will nevertheless slip into the top ten through the prosecution of Sunday and Norris. Also, Mimi Raikkonen, George Russell, Antonio Giovinazzi and Esteban Icon are out.

Yellow Flag: The yellow flag comes after a turner of Antonio Giovinazzi in curve 12 on the track. Could be a disadvantage for those who are behind it.

New best of Lewis Hamilton in Q2: Lewis Hamilton marks a new best time in Q2 in his second medium run. 1: 16.474 minutes he needed on his round. Only nine thousands tel he was faster than stages.

Vettel again on medium: Sebastian Vettel is once again driven out on the medium. The Oppenheimer has not lost much by the many reclosures. In the worst case, he would be lefter tomorrow.

Saint opens second Run: Carlos Saint pens his Golden as the first driver back on the track. He is once again on the media tire. A little later Red Bull goes out again. Sergio Pérez is on yellow, stages is on soft.

It will be quiet: On the track it will be quiet, and many drivers are currently in the box to prepare for the second runs.

Vettel beyond the top ten: At Sebastian Vettel is currently not much in the medium. With a 1: 18.799, the German is currently on the 15th place of the intermediate rating.

Boxing radio Max stopping: Max Stopped asks his team via radio that you should look exactly the left side of the vehicle. The leader fears that he was too hard about the guards.

New best time of max stopping in Q2: Max Staten can block this brand significantly and returns the 1: 16.483! But Hamilton is also strong. Only 0.016 seconds separate it from stages at the top.

First best time comes from Pérez: Sergio Pérez marks the first best time in Q2. A 1: 17.055 was from the Mexican, which is accompanied by the euphoric jubilation of his fans.

Medium The first choice: So far, the medium is the first choice here. Twelve drivers are already on the track and all of them decided for the medium. Sure, that would be the best choice tomorrow at the start.

Q2 started: Continue with Q2! This time the drivers have 15 minutes to secure a place in the top ten. Meanwhile, the race line announces that an incident with George Russell and Nicholas Latin is examined at the exit from the pit lane after the session.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Mexico in Live ticker — Q2 Start

Q1 ends: Q1 is finished! The risky tactic of Alpine, who made only a run, went on and Fernando Alonso is in 16th place. Also out are Nicholas Latin, Mick Schumacher and Nikita Maze pin and Lance Stroll, who sat down in the wall of his bolding.

New best of Latter Boats in Q1: Latter Boats improves the best time to the end on a 1: 16.727. Also, Vettel could still grow and should be sure as an eighth.

New best of Charles Leclerc in Q1: Charles Leclerc marks a new best time in Q1 with a 1: 16.748. He has removed with 0,040 seconds. He has already done in Q1 after work.

Saint jumps in front: Carlos Saint was 15., can bring himself from the danger zone with a good round. It goes into five place forward.

Many in the second run: Many drivers were in the meantime at the box and have picked up a fresh set of tires. Among them were Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher.

Boats New Second: Latter Boats can improve in his second Run again and reduces the residue to max stages to 0.171 seconds. Even for Hamilton, it continues, with four tens of tin, but he remains quite clearly behind.

Vettel in place twelve: Sebastian Vettel lies after its first fast round on the twelfth place. Mick Schumacher is also neat as 15th and would be currently in Q2. Currently, main, Russell, Stroll and Alonso and Icon, which have not yet set time.

New best of max stages in Q1: Some! Sergio Pérez passes to Boats and then comes stood and pops again six tenths on top of it! A 1: 16,788 was driven by the Dutch.

New best of Latter Boats in Q1: First Hamilton passes past Gaily, a little later Latter Boats takes over the lead in the classification. Now it will be exciting what Red Bull shows.

New best time of Pierre Gaily in Q1: Pierre Gaily marks a new best time in Q1. A 1: 17,746 was from the French on his flying round. But how long does he last for ahead? The favorites are already on the fast rounds.

Boxing radio Carlos Saint: I have no power, the Spaniard addresses his pit crew. He is on the slow pace. The team gives him a list of instructions to try to start car back. And actually comes the performance and Saint can mix again.

Route released again: After the long interruption, the route is now released again. Some drivers have been on the box exit for a few minutes and now go straight to the track.

Investigation against Raikkonen: Against Mimi Raikkonen runs an investigation because of an offense under red flags. He will have to go to the stewards after the session.

At 21:33 o clock it goes on: The works are over, and it can go with qualifying soon. At 21:33 o clock the route is released again.

It s going to wait: The race line is just known that there will be a five-minute warning before it continues. It is still working on the TEC Pro barrier. Some drivers have since got off.

Works on: Therefore, there is no information when qualifying continues. Strolls rampaged Aston Martin has already been returned to the pit lane. But the route is still worked.

Mass gives overview: Race director Michael Mass has come to the accident site to inspect the guardrails that are just being repaired. Still is not clear when it can go on.

Seven riders with time: Due to the impact, debris portions were thrown on the track, which are hurried up by the route items. The TEC Pro barrier must also be repaired. In the first seven minutes, seven pilots have been able to sit down a time.

That s how it came to the accident: The repetitions show that Lance Stroll had lost the tail at the corner output. He came on the dirty part of the track through the curve, then lost the car and slapped only with the stern and then with the front in the distance limitation.

Red flag: There are red flags! Lance Stroll stands after a crash with its destroyed Bolding on the track. I m okay, he gives all-clear.

Schumacher-Time painted: Mick Schumacher was just painted his best time after he had run over the track limits. The German is currently on the box. Also, main is reinvested after a tied round.

New best of Mimi Raikkonen in Q1: Mimi Raikkonen was already right early in the Q1 and now brings the 1: 19,108. But even this time will certainly be undercut soon. Meanwhile, Max s stages had to go to the track.

Mick Schumacher sets first lap time: Mick Schumacher highlights the first useful round in Q1. With a 1: 21,524, the but not very quickly falls off. It will certainly be much faster today.

It fills up slowly: So slowly the route begins to fill. While Nicholas Latin turns straight back to the box, the Ferrari go to her outlaws.

Start: The traffic lights stand on green, the start of qualifying in México, D.F. Has occurred. The first driver is Nicholas Latin on the track.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Mexico in Live tick — start

Before starting: The route is located in the extreme altitude of over 2,200 meters above sea level. This altitude air is a challenge for technology: the brakes are at the limit because they can not be sufficiently cooled, and the motors come to their limits. The course is considered the fastest next to Monza. The 4,304-kilometer route bears the name Autonomy Germans Rodriguez.

Before starting: on the top ten hopes Sebastian Vettel. The competition, however, is not small and in the final training, the Oppenheimer with position 14 could not fire fireworks. There, however, four of the drivers landed with Grid strafe in front of him.

Before the start: Five drivers go today with a Grindstone in qualifying. Land Norris, Lance Stroll, Esteban Icon and Yuri Sunday will be sorting the last places on the grid after they receive new engine parts. For George Russell, who receives a new transmission, it s five positions to the rear. As some backbenchers are as delighted Mick Schumacher, thereby naturally occur far.

Before the start: After the 3rd Training Red Bull remains in the favorite role. Sergio Perez set the fastest time with a 1: 17,024. Max Verstappen was second with 0,193 behind in second. The Dutchman had, however, can not improve on his second set of tires and was just 0.2 seconds behind his teammate. Mercedes, however, was still significantly and will need to consider something for qualifying.

Before the start: Max Verstappen was able to increase his lead over Lewis Hamilton to twelve points in the drivers championship before the 18th race of the season. In Mexico Verstappen true this weekend as a favorite, because in the past Red Bull was on this course, always strong on the go. A win is there really a must.

Before the start: As the host of the Autonomy Germans Rodríguez race arena acts this weekend in the capital of Mexico. Is to take place at 21.00 the start of this day.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of qualifying at the Grand Prix of Mexico.

Formula 1: The table in the driver s Appreciation

Place | driver | Team | Points

1 | Max Verstappen | Red Bull | 287.5 2 | Lewis Hamilton | Mercedes | 275.5 3 | Latter Boats | Mercedes | 185 4 | Sergio Perez | Red Bull | 150 5 | Land Norris | McLaren | 149 6 | Charles Leclerc | Ferrari | 128 7 | Carlos Saint | Ferrari | 122.5 8 | Daniel Riccardo | McLaren | 105 9 | Pierre Gaily | AlphaTauri | 74 10 | Fernando Alonso | Alpine | 58

At the 12th World Championship race in Belgium were Bergen. due to not fully completed race distance only half points

Formula 1: This is the last race of the season — The race schedule

GP of Mexico: Sunday, November 7 at 19.00 Brazilian GP: Sunday, November 14 at 17:00 GP of Qatar: 21 Sunday, November at 14.00 GP of Saudi Arabia Sunday, December 5 at 17.30 GP Abu Dhabi: Sunday, December 12 at 13.00

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