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Guide GTA VICE City: Where are all hidden objects to get the Rhino tank and Hunter military helicopter

One of the requirements to obtain 100% Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has to do with the 100 hidden objects spread around the city. A series of statues that recall a wiki green with gold parts. And luckily it is not a collectible without more, give us a number to the extra rewards.

It is the most coveted of all? Undoubtedly, the statuette 100th. But it is also really useful number 90, especially if we cause chaos easily by the city of vice. But do not get ahead and go to parties.

Thanks to the channel GTA Series Videos have the exact location of hidden objects 100 ( hidden packages English) distributed by these regions:

8 hidden objects in Ocean Beach 7 hidden objects in Washington Beach 25 hidden objects in Vice Point 5 hidden objects in Prawn Island 5 hidden objects in Leaf Links 5 hidden objects in Starfish Island 7 hidden objects in Downtown 1 hidden object Hyman Memorial Stadium 8 hidden items in Little Haiti 9 hidden objects in Little Havana 6 hidden objects in Vice Port 13 hidden object Escobar International Airport 1 hidden object in Fort Baxter

For every ten unlock a special reward. Namely:

With 10 objects: bullet-proof vest With 20 objects: Chainsaw With 30 objects:.357 Colt revolver With 40 objects: Flamethrower With 50 objects: Rifle PSG-1 With 60 objects: Minigun With 70 objects: Rocket Launcher With 80 objects: Helicopter Sea Sparrow With 90 objects: Rhino Tank With 100 objects: Helicopter Hunter $100,000 +

GTA Vice City Hunter Helicopter Cheat Code | SHAKEEL GTA

The last two military vehicles pick you up from the military base Fort Baxter, being the ideal tank for the achievement / trophy elephant in a china shop, to being extremely easy material damage amounting to $1,000,000 with this deadly armored vehicle. And while the achievement / trophy Catch me if you can to achieve a level six-star search of the police. As they say, with Rhino we will kill two birds with one stone.

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