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League of Legends is just broken glorious

The beginning of the preseason is a magical time for League of Legends. With new items, new dragons and many changes on the whole line, LOL is generally a pretty unbalanced experience with many fully broken interactions at this time of the year.

This year has certainly no exception. The preseason 2022 gave us two new dragons — Chem tech and Hex tech — a lot of new mythical objects and a few legendary to close the gaps in which some champions had suboptimal options. Weak keystones were revised, while First Strike was added to those who still lose the loss of Kleptomania during the preseason of season 10. So far, most of these changes in the gap have become more than proven.

Take example Axiom Arc. This brand new Legendary Lethality refunds 25% of the maximum cooldown of your ultimate ability if you can turn off an opposing champion within three seconds after the damage. This is true, even the grazing of an enemy with one of Nocturnes razor-sharp blades counts for the refund — even better when making the kills like the Reddit user, Drachir133.

Below you will see how the player does not even use Paranoia, but twice in the course of the fight. What? Everything they needed was a faster triple kill and a dream to prepare for their later entails.

This Strat is Changing League of Legends... so I abused it.

The new assassin object seems to be balanced on NOC by League of Legends

And we do not forget how powerful the new hex tech dragon soul is — Azure did not allow the opposing team certainly, because their Shack clone repeated them with devastating effect with chain lighting. This is not a chain flash that you see there, but first-class spaghetti.

Absolutely broken hex tech soul + ad shack clone entails by League of Legends

Oh, and if you want to see this interaction again, here is another clip of K3vin5durant — this time by elder-empowered.

Shack + Hex tech Soul + Elder of Lisa of Legends

And finally, if you thought the hex tech soul is sharp, you should see to outplay potential that the hextech-rift offers. Look at how, Lakewood seamlessly refined a Jinx rocket thanks to a clutch hex gate spawn — completely and completely unbalanced. Sarcasm aside, we can not wait to see more great roots like these in the future.

A hex gate has just saved my life from League of Legends

Although these are just a few examples of how the changes in the preseason for season 12 already have a great impact, but in the coming weeks certainly many more ridiculous interactions are highlighted — at least to Riot she meets with the Nerf weapon.


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