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NBA: Strong Wagner brothers are not enough against Milwaukee

Franz and Moritz Wagner achieve 39 points against the Milwaukee Bucks, Gianni Antetokounmpo & Co. are still a number too big. Joel Embed shows against the Nets a very strong idea, Bradley DEAL returns successfully. Brooklyn Nets (23-10) — Philadelphia 76ers (19-16) 110: 102 (Box score) In a duel three veritable superstars, Joel Embed had the last word. The Cameroon er scored 34 points and finally launched his team with a three-point game around three minutes before the end. 15 seconds before the end he also let the final score followed, whereupon he still fell together with Kevin Durant and both of them take a technical. Embed will be right. The Big Man (11/23 FG) was not to stop in the first quarter, in which he already scored 16 points, and, above all, had active support thanks to Tyree Malay (25, 10/18) and Seth Curry (17). It was the third victory in a row for the Mixers who had to dispense with their Head Coach Doc Rivers, among other things, which is in the health protoc

Circle Kia, PMGC 2021 Grand Final

The Creighton announced the GRAND FINALS advance team of the Battle Ground Mobile Info Top Level Tournament 'Pub Mobile Global Championship (PMC) 2021. Since November 30th, PMC 2021, which is on online, is the East 20 teams and WEST 20 teams, and 40 teams participated in Battle Ground Mobile Strength of the Battle Ground Mobile Stalling and $6 million (KRW 7.1 billion) Competition in size. Three weeks of League Stage and League Super Wizard and League Finals have progressed, and 16 teams to enter the grand finals held in January. In East, the top nine teams, which recorded the most points in the League Super Wench (South Korea), ▲ D'Xavier (Southeast Asia), ▲ STALWART ESPORTS (MENA / South Asia), ▲ Nova ESPORTS (China), ▲ Sigma Galaxy (MENA) / South Asia), ▲ The Infinity (MENA / South Asia), ▲ Six Two Eight (China), ▲ Team Secret (MENA / South Asia), ▲ 4RIVALS (Southeast Asia) confirmed the Grand Fine. These are the top six teams of the League West Finals, the top six teams,

Xbox Game Pass January 2022: These games are new to the service

Xbox Game Pass (computer version: computer Game Pass) is a Microsoft registration solution for computer game and also can be utilized with Xbox One, Xbox Series and also Windows 10. The service grants customers accessibility to a catalog of games of various service providers at a solitary regular monthly membership price. The service was launched on June 1, 2017, while Xbox Live gold customers received concern on May 24. Currently, the service has 18 million clients globally (since January 2021). The Xbox Game Pass is not neglected in 2022. Therefore, there are several new games in January again. Which is already known, you will learn from us. In our list, all games are listed, which come back to the Game Pass in January 2022. From the mentioned release terminations, the new games can be downloaded and played without further costs (next to the subscription fees). Note: Since the new Game pass games are not announced at certain times, this article will be updated by us regularly. Es

Hansi Flick talks about title

Like never, national coach Hans Flick talked about his title dream at the Winter World Cup in a year in Qatar. With the minimum half-finals I have no problem, but I also clearly say: we want to come to the final. And we want to become a world champion, said the 56-year-old in the interview with the Sport-Picture. Flick moved to the end of the year a positive conclusion of his first months as a chief coach at the national team. Burning the boys are full, he said, That's what I believe is convinced as a coach: Yes, it can work entitled! For the fifth star on the chest one need a little luck, but much more you need the will to give everything to everything every second, said Flick, who promised: We will have this willingness. That the World Cup becomes less atmospheric due to the unusual appointment, the former success trainer of Bayern Munich does not believe. Articles and videos about the topic Hammer's soup! Flick: One thing is the goal Top sport live on DAZN. Registe

The Northman traces his epopey Viking in his first and exciting trailer

Vengeance Viking is the main theme that moves the protagonist of The North man, the new film director Robert Edgers, known mainly for his work in the witch and the lighthouse. Focus Features hdirector Robert just published the first official trailer of the film, which you can see right about these lines. director Robert it could not be otherwise, the feature film offers stunning battles set in the Middle Ages. Del Visionary Director Robert Edgers comes the North man, a [epic movie] full of action that follows the steps of a young prince in his mission of avenge the death of his father, says the official synopsis. The cdirector Robertt of stars includes Alexander Starboard, Nicole Kidman, Cldirector Roberts Bang, Anya Taylor-Joy, Ethan Hawks, Björk and Willem Dafoe. The tape is set in the tenth century, a time when the war wdirector Robert very present in Europe. You may be interested: director Robertsdirector Robertsin's Creed Valhalla, a game of Vikings Confirmed cdirector Ro

Epic Games Store: 15 Gratis

Epic Games, Inc. (Previously called Potomac Computer system Equipments as well as after Epic Mega games) is a US computer game development company based in Cary (North Carolina), now related to the China Tencent Holdings firm. They are mostly understood for their Unreal Engine modern technology, which has driven its preferred collection of unreal first-person capturing games as well as the Gears of Battle legend, along with the world renowned Fortnite. Established in 1991 by Tim Sweeney, who currently works out as CEO, Epic Games is the moms and dad company of several programmers, including Chair Amusement, Psionic as well as, a lot more recently, Quite. He has actually likewise launched research studies in numerous countries. Usually, the Epic Games Store gives away one to two games to its user in the weekly clock. That's already extremely generous. At the approaching Christmas, the company can not be ragged and attracts the particularly large donating pants. From now on and

Dr Disrespect and Robert Bowling Announce Studio Midnight Society

Call of Duty: Lead is a first-person capturing video clip game Developed by SledgeHammer Gaming and edited by Activision, launched November 5, 2021, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and also Microsoft Windows. It is the eighteenth episode of the Call of Duty collection, began in 2003. This piece indicators the return of the franchise business during the period of the 2nd Globe War, manipulated for the last time in 2017, with Call of Duty: WWII. The middle of the independent studios has a new claimant. Please welcome Midnight Society, a studio with an old glory of Twitch and YouTube among its founders. If it was once a multiplayer card designer on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Guy Beam is better known to the youth under the pseudo de Dr. Disrespect, popular Banned broader from Twitch in June 2020 for a not communicated motive, Not without having carved out a reputation as a specialist in FPS and Royal Battle in front of more than 4 million subscribers. Share y

Union Berlin - Sc Freiburg 0: 0: Duel the surprise team ends goatless

Europa Universalism IV is a grand method computer game in the Europa Universalism series, developed by Mystery Growth Studio as well as published by Paradox Interactive as a follow-up to Europa Universalism III (2007). The video game was released on 13 August 2013. It is a strategy video game where players can regulate a nation from the Late Center Ages with the very early modern period (1444 to 1821 AD), conducting profession, administration, diplomacy, colonization and war. The SC Freiburg has achieved its minimum destination in the duel of the Europa League candidate and kept a competitor at a distance. The team of Trainer Christian Stretch earned himself a 0-0 at Union Berlin and firmly strengthened his position on the European Cases in an often tough. Union remained victorious for three days after the setback at promoted SPV GG Reuther Fürth. Nevertheless, the Knickers are also well in the race in the fight for international places. We wanted to be stable here. That's how w

The curse of the dead gods is a dark diablo style thug overflowing with potential

Curse of the Dead Gods is a self-proclaimed rogue-lite title, but it looks more like what I guess a diablo rogue-lite. The looting system is very similar, despite some slight differences in the user interface. There are a number of things to loot when you melt the darkness with a torch, lighting brazier and spider canvases along the way. The relics will change your gameplay in the same way as the capacity points or boosters of statistics in other games, increasing things such as the critical hit and maximum health. Some relics that can be purchased are a combination of relics, costing a lot of gold or health but giving a permanent increase in statistics for your race. These offer flexibility in the gameplay and are finely set to properly complete the other game equipment. Although there are no courses among which choose, you can choose to play the game as you please in some ways. Do you like heavy attacks that push the enemies and interrupt their launch of spells? Heavy weapons will

Europa League: BVB meets Rangers, Leipzig against Real Sociedad

2008 (VIII) was a jump year began on Tuesday according to the Gregorian calendar, as well as was appointed as: The year of the rat, according to Chinese horoscope. The International Year of Potato, according to FAO. The International Year of Earth according to the UN. The International Year of Languages according to the UN. The International Year of Cleanliness according to the UN. The European Year of Intercultural Discussion, according to the European Union. The Year of Citizen Power, according to the Government of Nicaragua. The Year of the World Summits, according to the Government of Peru. Year Odored, according to the institution of Catalan letters. The year of the father of Atria Miguel Hidalgo and also Rib, according to the federal government of the State of Mexico. In the K.-O.-round play-offs of the Europa League, the EUROPA LEAGUE will meet a group range from the Champions League. For Borussia Dortmund, the trip to Scotland goes to Glasgow Rangers. Already eight times the

Bayern react to Hilliard

After the effort, on Darren and his enormous contribution to our game a longer phase, we decided to close this gap, said sport director Daniele Bases. Billiard is said to get the time to completely compel its knee problems. The 34-year-old Rivers completed the medical checks in Munich on Friday and Saturday and is scheduled for the first time with the team of Chef coach Andrea Trencher on Monday. For the top game at Alba Berlin on Sunday evening (18 o'clock / magenta sport), however, he is not an option yet. I'm supposed to be a leader, one voice, all this will come over time, but it will not take much time, said Rivers, who started for Bavaria in 2015.

Fifth title prematurely clear! Magnus Carlsen stays chess

Magnus Carlson has successfully defended his title in the World Chess Championship in Dubai with ease. The 31-year-old Norwegian made against his Russian challenger January Nepomnjaschtschi already in the eleventh of a maximum of 14 games all clear and sat down on Friday with a total of four wins and a score of 7.5: 3.5 for the fifth time ahead of the chess crown on. After Magnus Carlson had put the chess crown in Dubai Exhibition Center for the fifth time, the Norwegians blew once vigorously. Visibly relieved, he analyzed the key features with his fidgety challenger January Nepomnjaschtschi while in his home country the corks popped. The 31-year-old made against his Russian counterparts already in the eleventh of a maximum of 14 games all clear and remains after his triumph on Friday, he met the fourth overall victory and a score of 7.5: 3.5 made perfect, for now eight world champions. . I am very happy I did not expect this course, said Carlson satisfied: After five games were

Saints Row unleashes his action with a new trailer Gameplay from his city, combat and characters

Original text too short. SAINTS ROW did not want to miss your appointment at The Game Awards 2021. The gala presented by Geoff Kafka left us, apart from the usual list of winners, a good handful of ads, both games already known as new surprises. We already knew him, but we could see a new trailer with a lot of gameplay. Makes a strong emphasis on persecution In the video, Volition teaches us more than its reboot of the saga, who wants to recover the essence of the first Row Saints. In the footage of something more than two minutes, we see his determined commitment to the action, with a strong emphasis on the persecutions, in addition to showing us several related mechanics, especially with combat and movement. Likewise, we can see some of the characters that will be part of the main plot that will elapse in Saint Idle, the city that will allow us to enjoy the open world of the title. There is no lack of the unlikely moments of the franchise, although the most fantastic elements we

New World: Update 1.1.2 is there, first step to server

It hardly seems to be a day to talk to New World (from 39.99 € pre-order). Because who wanted to log in to the online role play this morning, stood before locked door. Amazon Game Studios had already shuts down the servers for maintenance at 8:00 am German time — and at the same time publishing the update 1.1.2. This update is not the extensive December update including the big winter event. Nevertheless, the patch is anything but unimportant. With version 1.1.2, the developers produce the technical requirements for the planned server merger. In addition, all those who have lost their homes due to a rollback (we reported) are now the possibility to buy them again and ultimately use. Added to this is an important change in one of the world events. When exactly the big December update appears, it is still unknown. But here the current patch notes in the overview: server Technical basics for server compositions World experience The temporally limited world event Truthan-Terror

Developers warn Quick Resume

Using Games to restore the background Quick Resume feature is not recommended Halo Infinite connection. In the past, moninpelikarkeloihin participated may have already noted that the Halo Infinite not get verkkokarkeloihin Quick Resume then started remotely. Now the problem has been found with repeated yesterday appeared a campaign to such an extent that the Zeta Halo collected -rinkulamaailmassa Mjolnir-haarniskaosat may remain in this case without getting completely. 343 Industries is aware of the problem and repair is a work in progress, but so far the game is recommended to boot a clean slate. Halo Infinite is available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X, of course, also directly from Game Pass service. Quick Resume feature is only available in newer-generation Xbox masiinoilla. More about: After this campaign is the living end of the beaten wood — judging Halo Infinite (PC) The long-awaited Halo Infinite will be published in December — must side with the special cont

NFTs spread in gaming - what is your opinion?

More and more developers express their interest in the technical trend NFT and build their own tokens in their games. Most recently it did Ubisoft at Ghost Recon Breakpoint. But what is your opinion on the trend? Tell us. These are NFTs: The acronym stands for non-fungible tokens, i.e. a non-replaceable digitally protected object. It is based on the blockchain technology, which is also used by cryptocurrencies. By the way the data is stored in blockchains, you can undoubtedly prove the possession rights on a NFT. Accordingly, the NFTs are used, for example, in digital art trade, are slowly but also their way into the gaming industry. Advantages of the NFTs: Items in games are no longer borrowed, but the players are buying the ownership rights The purchased NFTs can be resold to others The purchased NFTs can gain value and become a source of income Disadvantages of the NFTs: High power consumption that is harmful to the environment Frequent cases of fraud such as in the case

Final Fantasy XIV error 4004 stepped out of the queue - so fix Noah Nelson

Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online parlor game (MMORPG) established as well as released by Square Enix. Directed as well as generated by Naomi Yeshiva, it was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows as well as PlayStation 3 in August 2013, as a replacement for the failed 2010 variation of the video game, with support for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and also macOS releasing later. Final Fantasy XIV takes location in the fictional land of Korea, five years after the events of the original 2010 release. At the conclusion of the initial video game, the primal dragon Bahamas escapes from its lunar jail to launch the Seventh Umbra Catastrophe, an apocalyptic event which ruins a lot of Korea. With the gods' blessing, the player personality leaves the destruction by time taking a trip five years into the future. As Korea recovers as well as reconstructs, the gamer has to deal with the approaching risk of intrusion by the Gar lean Realm from the north. The initial Fina

Online Worlds 2021 Player's Option Awards

It's that time again: the Online Worlds Player's Selection Awards! Awards period is taking control of the games sector, and this is our time to acknowledge the most effective (and most significant disappointments) of the year that was. As constantly, we have actually described the very best of the industry from RPGs, Persistent Online Worlds, as well as the A lot of Enhanced game of the year. It's likewise been a year of dissatisfaction, which we've expanded from simply video games to storylines this year as they have actually been so pervasive in the market in 2021. With numerous fantastic Indie launches this year, we additionally felt it was time to begin recognizing these in our Honors, so we've added the most effective Indie Video game of 2021 award. We're once more using Google Forms, and also in order to restrict individuals to one ballot, you will require authorizing into your Google account (though we will not be gathering e-mail addresses with this

Halo Infinite: Medal mirror: For example, the trade press rates the return of the Master Chiefs

Hallo: The Master Chief Collection is a collection of first-person shooter computer game in the Halo collection, initially launched in November 2014 for the Xbox One, and also later Microsoft Windows with 2019 as well as 2020. A boosted version was released for the Xbox Collection X|S in November 2020. The collection was established by 343 Industries in partnership with various other studios and was released by Xbox Video game Studios. The collection includes Halo: Battle Evolved Wedding Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: DST, Halo: Reach, and also Halo 4, which were originally launched on earlier Xbox systems. Each video game contributed to the Master Chief Collection obtained a visual upgrade, with Halo 2 obtaining a total high-definition redesign of its sound and also cutscenes, special to the collection, to commemorate its 10th wedding anniversary. The video game includes access to the live-action collection Halo: Nightfall in addition to the Halo 5: Guardians multi

Gütersloh with the alu in the bundy

For the time being, the SPV GG Green is out of the first ten places that lead to the rise round. In direct duel with the SV Schaerbeek, it looked for a long time before the game in the final phase tipped on Schaerbeek's side. Eichmann (71.) and twice Older (81./83.) Hosted a 3-0, which catapults the SVE in the upper zone. With a derby victory, the Us Erndtebrück has gotten a buffer. After victory, it looked against leader 1. FC Kan-Marienborn but not a good quarter of an hour but the Kane went through a transformed foul foot of Sc held in the lead. But Erndtebrück fought back, won the upper hand and rewarded himself by Chart (25th) and Year (30th). The guests increased the pressure after the break, but Erndtebrück pushed himself successfully and thus earned the victory. Sovereign came the SC Paderborn 07 II to his next three points, but with the ASC Dortmund had a big board to drill, because the guests traveled with last three wins in the back. After not even a minute Tchadjo

Lol: Riot's tracks on a future champion that the community has been waiting for years

League of Legends (Lol abstract) is a video game released in 2009 of the online Battle Arena, Free-To-Play, established as well as modified by Riot Games on Windows as well as macOS. The primary mode of the game sees 2 groups of 5 gamers in real time partially of concerning half a hr, each team occupying as well as defending its own base upon the map. Each of the ten players controls a full personality among the more than 150s that are suggested. These personalities, referred to as champions in the game, have one-of-a-kind abilities and also a game style that is clean. They gain power over the game by collecting experience points along with getting objects, in order to defeat the opposing team. The goal of a component is to destroy the Nexus enemy, a big framework situated in the center of each base. Other game modes, generally less competitive and usually rely on the main setting, are also present — with the exemption of Tealight Methods, a self battle (EN) released in 2019 without m

Pokémon Unite will receive Tsarena very soon, it will be free for a few days

Pokémon Unite is close to All-Rounder add a cast of creatures his pocket. Serena, elegant plant type Pokémon introduced in the seventh generation will reach the MOB next December 9. From this day, and for an unspecified time, any player that connects to the title may receive free the character completely. Serena be available in Pokémon Unite on December 9 Serena movements have not yet been specified, but apparently in the video presentation, we see to be a Pokémon with good mobility. This will be of great help, because their basic attacks do not seem to have much range, and its ultimate ability, but can only focus on one rival, aims to be used against the largest most startling of the opposing team, which usually hiding behind their peers. The best game of the year according to Google Play is on track. Just last October, Pokémon Unite Halloween celebrated with a special event and the arrival of Agreement, followed shortly afterwards with the introduction of Decided. Pokémon Unite

BVB vs. FC Bayern | Failure threatens! So the stand is at Manuel Akanji

Manuel Kanji is the constant par excellence at Borussia Dortmund. The BVB star has not missed his team a single minute in the Bundesliga and the Champions League this season is absolutely set under Chief Trainer Marco Rose . Of course against FC Bayern Munich threatens the center defender now. Manuel has not trained little to me, BVB coach Rose reported on Friday in front of the Bundesliga Sch lager against the record champion (Saturday from 18:30). Whether it is still something with a starting insert against FC Bayern, was still completely open at this time. When graduating on Friday, the Swiss national player was at least once again on the grass and participated in the unity. According to information of the Ruhr Messages is to be decided on the use of the 26-year-old against the Munich first on Saturday final. Kanji had many hard two-fighting in the last Bundesliga game at the VFL Wolfsburg (1: 3) and had to go tribute to his blesses in the days. After consultation with the me

Weekend Sale Information Hitomante Biomutant Sagafuro Remaster Back 4 Blood DeathLoop others

We will send out discount sale and promotion campaign information held on the weekend, mainly for PC games digital download stores. Currently, asymmetric match Dead by Daylight and machine learning puzzle While True: Learn () is currently distributed free of charge for a limited time until 1:00 am on December 10. Also, the charity planning The Jingle Jam 2021 Games Collection by Forecast is being held. A highly evaluated PC game, including the Snowy Miyamoto Project Winter, is also ringing 50 titles, and can be obtained from $47. Price fluctuates, so please be careful when purchasing. In addition, titles and LCS that can not be purchased regular from the country are basically not covered by this procedure. Besides this, please let us know the digital stores and deals with your deals and deals in the comments.

Back on Meta Quest 2, Lucky's Tale also comes on PS VR and SteamVR

Originally released at the same time as the Oculus Rift in March 2016, the Lucky's Tale platform game has recently offered a new youth with an optimized portage for the Meta Quest 2. But Playful Studios does not stop in so good way and announces his game on PS VR and Steamer. Not yet check-off date on the calendar, but we are promised that these new platforms will benefit soon of the game that launched the studio mascot. Compared to the game released in 2016, this refill offers improved rendering and lighting, better technical performance and remixed sound. In passing, the original model of Lucky SwiftUI has been replaced by the newest one New Super Lucky's Tale (the version without VR available everywhere) which also involves some subtle adjustments in playability. Lucky's Tale is available on Oculus Quest 2 since November 18 at the price of 19.99 euros, a price that we will probably find identical on PS VR and Steamer. Trailer Lucky's Tale — Trailer PS VR and S

Julia Simic warns in the girls: Do not lose connection

West Ham United Football Club is an English football club established in 1895, and also situated in the area of Ne wham, the eastern suburban areas of London. The club advances in the Football England Champion in the Premier League, chaired by David Gold as well as David Sullivan. Warren Brady is presently the executive supervisor. Although the club never ever won the championship, West Ham is a historic group of English football as well as understands its hour of delight in the 1960s by winning a European title: the European Cup of Mug champions. For many years, the club has actually obtained the online reputation of having among the ideal academies in England. Several gamers that have actually marked the history of football such as Bobby Moore, Rio Ferdinand or Frank Lampard have hence made their classes at the West Ham Academy. The hammers have a really high competition with Mill wall, typically taken into consideration the major opponent of the club but likewise with Chelsea as wel

Spider-Man: Video Comparison between Avengers & the PS5

This week Spider-Man was now published in Marvel's Avengers. Long fans had to wait for the PlayStation exclusive superheroes in the game of Square Enix. In 2018, developer insomniac games with Marvel's Spider-Man has already brought a solo game around Peter Parker, which has received 2020 a PS5-Remaster. Improvements in the graphics and ray tracing are just a few highlights of the new edition. Where does Spider-you look better? But how well does the Spider-Man version of Marvel's Avengers cut off against the fine-tuned version of Insomniac Games? The YouTube channel of ElanalistageBits has answered this question with a video comparison, which we have integrated you below. It quickly becomes clear that Insomniac Games has designed the clearly better version of Spider-Man. Hide needs Marvel's Avengers (Buy Now), however. Here, above all, the character model was rendered commendable. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 for 2023 announced In September, Insomniac Games announc

Title command for the BVB after huge disappointment

Hans-Joachim Wake has issued the title win in the Europa League in the Europe League in the Champions League. That's the title that Borussia Dortmund is still missing, said the Managing Director of the DFB Cup winner at the Shareholders Assembly on Thursday and added: We now have to work with us 13 million euros by winning the Euro League. The BVB has already missed the final group match against Besides Istanbul in the royal class and continues to play after the winter break in the Europa League. This is a huge disappointment, says Wake, who also found the failure with the failure of the Goal Hangers Erlang Haaland. Wake also reminded of the 2011/12 season. At that time we have become German champion and DFB cup winner. Also, there we have failed in the fall as a preliminary fourth in the Champions League. We must convert that again in positive energy again, said the BVB boss.

Chess World Cup: The fifth game also ends Remis

After three and a half hours game, the point was divided on Wednesday in Dubai. The Russian challenger Jan Nepomnjaschi remained faithful to his line with the white stones and repeated a Spanish opening. Defending champion Magnus Carlson with as the first to the previous lots. It's always good to bring the first surprise, but today it did not work so well, said the 31-year-old Norwegian. At times, Carlson had 40 minutes of reflection time less, but the defending champion did not go into serious time. The fact that Nepomnjaschi could make pressure for the first time in this match over a long time, is considered a partial success for the 31-year-old Russians. On Thursday is free in Dubai. A maximum of 14 lots are played, the initial right changes after each match. For a victory there is a point, for a draw half a half. Those who reached 7.5 points first is world champion. Chess World Cup in Dubai, Fifth Party (1.12.) White: Jan Nepomnjashschi (Russia) Black: Magnus Carlson

WoW: Hotfixes from 01 December 2021 for magicians, warriors and Classic

As soon as the Thanksgiving holidays are over, there's already new hotfixes for World of Warcraft from Blizzard. They turn around Warrior, Mage and WoW Classic this time: Magicians who used the Runenschnitzpeicht three-clean protection in the PVP could achieve values ​​for absorption effects due to barriers that are not intended. The problem was solved, the absorption values ​​should now fit for the targeted 35 percent effectiveness of the TOOLTIP value. Shattering Throw The warrior now does not cause any additional damage beyond the absorption shield when large absorptions are broken. Nibs The Almighty teaches witches mists in WoW Classic: Season of the Championship and Classic era now correctly the Inferno magic. Below you read the official English patch notes. As soon as Blizzard has published the German patch Notes, we update this message. Hotfixes are updates that are made server-side without having to download new data. Some changes listed below occur as soon as Bliz