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Chess World Cup: The fifth game also ends Remis

After three and a half hours game, the point was divided on Wednesday in Dubai. The Russian challenger Jan Nepomnjaschi remained faithful to his line with the white stones and repeated a Spanish opening.

Defending champion Magnus Carlson with as the first to the previous lots. It's always good to bring the first surprise, but today it did not work so well, said the 31-year-old Norwegian.

At times, Carlson had 40 minutes of reflection time less, but the defending champion did not go into serious time. The fact that Nepomnjaschi could make pressure for the first time in this match over a long time, is considered a partial success for the 31-year-old Russians.

On Thursday is free in Dubai. A maximum of 14 lots are played, the initial right changes after each match. For a victory there is a point, for a draw half a half. Those who reached 7.5 points first is world champion.

Chess World Cup in Dubai, Fifth Party (1.12.)

Press Conference after Game 5 | FIDE World Championship Match 2021 | White: Jan Nepomnjashschi (Russia) Black: Magnus Carlson (Norway)

5 . World Cup game, Spanish

1. E4 E5 2. SF3 SC6 3. LB5 A6 4. LA4 SF6 5. OO LE7 6. TE1 B5 7. LB3 OO 8. A4 TB8 9. AXB5 10. H₃ D6 11. C3 B4 12. D3 BXC3 13. BXC3 D5 14. SBD2 DXE4 15. DXE4 LD6 16. DC2 H₆ 17. SF1 SE7 18. SG3 SG6 19. LE3 DE8 20. TED1 LE6 21. LA4 LD7 22. SD2 LXA4 23. DXA4 24. TXA4 TA8 25. TDA1 TXA4 26. TXA4 TB8 27. TA6 SE8 28. KF1 SF8 29. SF5 SE6 30. SC4 TD8 31. F3 F6 32. G4 KF7 33. H₄ LF8 34. KE2 SD6 35. SCXD6 + LXD6 36. H₅ LF8 37. TA5 KE8 38. TD5 TA8 39. RD1 RA2 + 40. TD2 TA1 41. TD1 TA2 + 42. TD2 TA1 43. TD1 Remix Status: 2.5: 2.5


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