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Julia Simic warns in the girls: Do not lose connection

West Ham United Football Club is an English football club established in 1895, and also situated in the area of Ne wham, the eastern suburban areas of London. The club advances in the Football England Champion in the Premier League, chaired by David Gold as well as David Sullivan. Warren Brady is presently the executive supervisor. Although the club never ever won the championship, West Ham is a historic group of English football as well as understands its hour of delight in the 1960s by winning a European title: the European Cup of Mug champions. For many years, the club has actually obtained the online reputation of having among the ideal academies in England. Several gamers that have actually marked the history of football such as Bobby Moore, Rio Ferdinand or Frank Lampard have hence made their classes at the West Ham Academy. The hammers have a really high competition with Mill wall, typically taken into consideration the major opponent of the club but likewise with Chelsea as well as Tottenham, two major clubs of the capital. West Ham plays his residence video games at the Olympic Stadium in London because 2016. Scottish David Moves is the Club Supervisor as well as English Mark Noble is the captain.

SAM KERR & KRISTIE MEWIS TAKE AUSTRALIA BY STORM! CAN'T TAKE EYES OFF EACH OTHER! WHATS NEXT? Mimic's U-19 European champion, German champion and DFB Cup winner, she played at West Ham United and AC Milan. She has a sports management degree completed, has the trainer-B license, has been leading the 2018 Julia Mimic Football Academy, including its own app and is part of the social media campaign Play for her. Since Thursday Mimic also part of the new documentary series Champions (Rakuten TV), dedicated to the women's football scene deals with the story of the best European players. And by the way the 32-year-old is in July also assistant coach of the U-17 national team.

Ms. Mimic, describe it out your role in the U-17 national team, your main task as a trainer.

I find myself of course, just a little into my role, so am still quite fresh here. The good thing is that we all know our coaching staff a long time and appreciate and brings each of its elements with. Melanie Behring er and I often sit together and work meticulously on the training design. It is totally fun to work with the girls in this age range. Especially the work on the training place is with the most beautiful. It's great to conduct an exercise and share things that work then suddenly. But it is also about the connection to the players: how far is it friend or confidant, but at the same trainer.

Is it your plan to continue to work as a trainer?

Yes, already. This is now certainly a phase I to be me in trying out a bit, but trainer, has always been inside me. Then I've always been glad that too at times can make yourself. Now I try of course to gain experience. The license is definitely coming soon.

They had criticized a few months ago that women have little say in the DFB. Would you be as like the one that changes the, perhaps sometimes trained a men's team in a higher league?

My goal was never to coach a men's team. It's also not about that one as many women as trainers bring in men's teams. The point is that women ever to take to make their license and to train teams at the end. We have in the women's Bundesliga currently a woman as a trainer. Why is it even in women's football so hard for women to assert themselves and to come to critical positions? Since it takes many voices from different areas and from different angles, to change that. It needs role models and support from the associations, by the clubs. Since you can improve what in many areas.

improvement there is certainly also with regard to its European neighbors. They had up to your career end in May and one way or another foreign station. What have you taken for your career it?

I think you're always evolving, when you see other cultures. In England, for example, the Equal Rights movement plays a very important role. You see how professional it is there, how many sponsors are willing to really there to invest in the sport because you have strong personalities, players, but also trainers who stand totally on things. It is important that you show personalities and the values ​​for which they stand, and off the pitch. Italy is still not as developed in terms of professional structures. They are still a step or two away from the German or the English league. But there are now also big clubs who are willing to invest. Development can happen very quickly, and Germany must be careful that you do not lose the connection to the other leagues that you stay tuned and continues to invest in women's football. I will not say that the train to England has already left, but it moves very quickly.

In the female offspring there very early high risk factors, did not know about the many decisions.

Julia Mimic

injury prevention is also a big issue with you. Themselves they had a few serious injuries, including two cruciate ligament tears in his left knee, and have your master's thesis written about it. What conclusions have you drawn? What can you do better?

In the female offspring there very early high risk factors, did not know about the many decisions. Often the development programs for boys from the youth academies also be taken for the girls. But needs an awareness to create for himself a female body that otherwise develops as a male. The DFB we do from the U 15 tests, are visible through the anatomical and biomechanical risk factors that we can give the girls an early stage programs with their club coaches talk etc. There are those aged between 17 and 21 in which the girls very extreme affected by cruciate ligament tears, for example. This is the age range in which they come up from the youth team to the first. It is then often only a matter of time before it catches a girl, because the jump is often much too large. As a 16-year-old girl suddenly playing in the Bundesliga with adult women who train at a certain level for years. One can much earlier already cornerstones place to minimize the risk of injury. There is so much pent-up demand. The DFB starts now though so, but you can not govern alone over the dressing. Clubs must follow suit, and these are things that belong in coach education.

Bring this knowledge in the U 17 has a?

Yes, definitely, I always keep an eye on injury prevention, because the things are, but where I can help with my experience and my studies. It is sometimes easier when you have been through this yourself, instead of having only studied it. Since there are certainly one or the other trick that can be incorporated into its program with an early stage. And if there are just ten minutes you invest a day earlier goes on the training ground and a bit of what makes for yourself, because you know that you have a weak point. The point is that you can enable the girls to and sensitized to know her body to simply spend more hours on the training ground and less at Physio.

your football academy and your app will indeed in this direction, They also are part of the social media campaign Play for her. Explain it out briefly what is at stake in these projects.

In Play for her we are three girls who have teamed up. My focus is the training, it's about prevention, rehabilitation and what you can do in addition for themselves. Then there's Laura Letterman who cares about mindset and mentality, and Lina Magill that deals with nutrition. We wanted to raise the not so dry over infographics, but the subject people playful, interactive closer bring about social media platforms and the girls inspired that they can improve things themselves. In my academy, it is primarily about the next generation, but also to cultures where it is not so easy for young women to play sports. Football can be there a tool to develop yourself as a person. If I organize a girls' camp, it's not just a matter that the girls play football on site, but there is one day in advance and a coaching workshop for potentially interested people who simply can try it. In Manchester, we have now planned a camp where it comes to girls from Asian, Muslim circles, so do not have the access to the football from family and traditions. With us, you can be trained by girls play football in a safe environment. This is the first step in the sport.

What national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg expected ambitious trainers and why they like to write poems in special moments, the German national coach explains in the latest issue of Fe: male view on football. The entire series is now available on all digital channels girls and Spotify, Deezer, Google podcasts, and iTunes Podium!


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