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Analysis of Rainbow Six Extraction in Progreso: It has great things, but also others very ubisoft

Rainbow Six Extraction is the new delivery of the Saga of Shooters from Ubisoft and you could say that the Frankenstein of the license is a bit. Take the tactical style with which the saga has been admiring the world for years, with the touch of perfection achieved with the options and the progress that Siege has provided in recent years ; And that is added a mutation of an unknown alien parasite with which we have to end. After having played a few hours we bring you our sensations in an analysis in progress, with a title that, in general, has not displeased us, but it has some aspect with which we have twisted the nose. And taking into account how important the servers are and the matchmaking for a proposal thus, we have preferred to wait a few days for them to be at full performance to issue a definitive judgment . The idea of ​​this Rainbow Six Extraction, which for months was called Quarantine and that it was rightly changed so that it did not remind us of the pandemic we

Castle Dora 7th Anniversary Festival! "Nyanko Great War" x "Castle and Dragon" Reprinted collaboration event from January 17 (Mon)!

Acobscrum Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tom) is Castle and Dragon (hereinafter referred to as Castle Dora ) under the App Store · Google Play, Ponds Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City, Representative Director: Kojak Yukon's Yank University War informed the collaboration event was held from January 17, January 17, 2012. Basic information Company Profile Acobscrum Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tom) is Castle and Dragon (hereinafter referred to as Castle Dora ) under the App Store · Google Play, Ponds Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kyoto City, Representative Director: KOI Kojak's Yank University War will be held from January 17, 2012, January 17, 2022. From January 17, 2022, we will hold a reprint collaboration event of Yank University War, which has a 7th anniversary eve. In addition to the reproduction of collaboration limited characters Devout, the character's super rare change frenzy De

Lightly enjoying high performance laptop, MSI business notebook exhibition

MS Ai Korea (representative) said it was conducting MSI Business Laptop Exhibition at 11th Street. The exhibition is 15%, the Creator Series, the modern & prestige series, 7% MSI redundant coupons and card discounts during the event. Sleeve bags, laptop bags, such as a sleeve bag, a laptop bag, and a photo-product pylons event that gives convenience store vouchers. The promotional product 'Prestige 14 EVE A11M-I7' is a laptop featuring Intel Core I7-1185G7 processor and Intel Iris XE graphics in 1.29 kg ultra lightweight and is an Intel EVE certification and shows the excellent portability and productivity of Intel EVE certification. In addition, 180 degrees Flip & Share Hinge, Thunderbolt 4, and biometric security features, such as a pleasant business environment. 'Creator Z16 A11UE' is a special notebook of a stylish design that stands out wherever a slim thickness of 15.9 mm, a slim thickness of 15.9 mm. Intel Core i7-11800h Processor and RTX 3060 Graphic

FIFA 22, DCE was a stone solution

Discover the solution for the DCE Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, a team building challenge to the FUT method of FIFA 22. The WED aims to save you map Moments Player Gabon by supplementing player. Note that this challenge starts on Sunday, January 2 at 19h and lasts five weeks ending Sunday, February 6 at 19h. By completing this challenge, you will get the map Moments Player Julian Dealer. Should this DCE do? The DCE Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a challenge with four teams, with the aim of celebrating a former star on the FUT mode FIFA 22. In view of the price of the DCE but most of the map, we do not recommend doing this challenge. If the card is fairly decent (we would have liked a bigger boost in balance and agility), the price is totally missed with 400k +, which places it among the most expensive DCE of the year on FIFA 22. Therefore, avoid this challenge, even if you have fodders in stock. Recommendation: not Probable credit gain? No Total cost of WED Approximately 440k Chal