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Analysis of Rainbow Six Extraction in Progreso: It has great things, but also others very ubisoft

Rainbow Six Extraction is the new delivery of the Saga of Shooters from Ubisoft and you could say that the Frankenstein of the license is a bit. Take the tactical style with which the saga has been admiring the world for years, with the touch of perfection achieved with the options and the progress that Siege has provided in recent years ; And that is added a mutation of an unknown alien parasite with which we have to end. After having played a few hours we bring you our sensations in an analysis in progress, with a title that, in general, has not displeased us, but it has some aspect with which we have twisted the nose. And taking into account how important the servers are and the matchmaking for a proposal thus, we have preferred to wait a few days for them to be at full performance to issue a definitive judgment .

The idea of ​​this Rainbow Six Extraction, which for months was called Quarantine and that it was rightly changed so that it did not remind us of the pandemic we are living, emerged from the Outbreak Event of Rainbow Six Siege , in The operators had to go to quarantined areas to clean the scenarios of a mutant threat. A change that sat on Fibula, because the PVP changed to add a cooperative experience in groups of three players against the environment and the AI. Now, that has been extrapolated to a complete game that wants to form a large base of players as their predecessor; And that's why it premieres directly also at Xbox Game Pass.

In the writing of MGG we have joined for several days forming Squadron to enjoy this proposal that seems to be fashionable lately. Games like Back 4 Blood or GTFO bet for teamwork to cope with all kinds of creatures. And Rainbow Six Extraction is not perfect, but it has left us good feelings in what is mainly the playable plane. Basically, recycle the movements and actions of R6 Siege; Something that is enough because it works from Fibula . By moving it to a post-apocalyptic environment where wearing drones to detect the location of enemies, barricades to hinder their progress and all kinds of objects that we will unlock with progress of dubious ethics from which we will then talk about.


Basically, we will have to play missions at different frameworks that we will unlock, and initially we can do it in New York, which in turn has three different scenarios. Once you have chosen one of them, a mission will start that will have three different objectives; And that will be changing randomly every time we initiate them. These tasks are different; From collecting a sample, finish with a specific objective, or endure in a position to collect data . In the end they end up doing something monotonous, but the process when playing it in company is bearable and fun, since it is essential to be tactical to successfully achieve the goal.

If you intend to go to sack, you will probably die in a few moments. As we say, the game is fun if its tactical slope takes advantage, advancing cautiously, ending with enemies without creating a lot of noise and avoiding the action to become direct, since then we will be lost . For this, the truth is that Ubisoft has been a bit cheat , since planting some elements called nests, with which we will have to end as soon as we see them, as they take advantage of that for the enemies You can constantly. And if we do it in tactical plan, we will have controlled where they are; But if for whatever a shootout begins, we will see how these bugs will not stop coming.

One of the most interesting aspects regarding the three objectives that put us in R6 Extraction is that we can request an extraction at each control point . That is, that if you have fulfilled the first, and you see that you have become low health or resources, it is best to ask for a rescue at the point indicated instead of moving to the next area, since you will keep the exp regulated; If you follow ahead bravely, and you run dead, you will lose it. Or rather, it will be frozen. That's where the curious and controversial progress system with the agents that the game has enters.

The progress system of Rainbow Six Extraction is, the less, frustrating. While I understand the mechanics that each time one of our agents dies in combat, we have to go rescue it in a later mission. It is annoying when, even saving it, we will have to expect too many games to be able to choose that agent again, since for some reason you have to recover from all the damage received in previous games . I can get to understand the issue of saving these characters, but what I still do not fit is that they have to rest to go to different missions available on the menu. Something like you send them to the hospital as in MGS.

That if this in a game where performance is important as FIFA or NBA 2K Vale, I buy it. But in a title where the variety shines and the so arcade system it has? Sorry, but this is not credible; at least for me. On the other hand, the agents that we have rescued will obviously lose experience and their performance will decrease over when we took it previously, something like having to go pick up your soul at Dark Souls but in a much more artificial way and with less sense. I think Ubisoft has tried to join two concepts that are located at two totally different ends.

Another feature that seems very badly executed is the enormous slowness that is in terms of progress, since playing about five games I have been able to rise only one level in one of the agents. On the one hand, it rises generally, with which we can unlock new objects and gadgets , and on the other, with the agents with which we complete the missions, which will also achieve new features and features to be more Checking. I do not want to imagine all the time you will have to spend in order to reach the maximum level with all and each of the agents available in this game. And although the game, with his system, you force to play with all of them and to try their different skills, that ended up being anodyne. Because in the end you do not become specialist of nothing.

It is something similar to what happened with the infinite halo multiplayer in which the progression system was quite slow and was a great reason why many players left this shooter. It will be necessary to do that they do in the near future, but I hope that it urgently change this mechanics of progress so tedious for many.

As for the technical, we have been able to play extraction on three different platforms thanks to the cross-game functions that the game has. In PS4 , the performance is far from the expected, and shows that it is a game designed for more current systems, since the fall of frames was constant and the tedious loads. Come on, we can not say that optimization has been good. Instead, in PS5 and PC The performance has been fabulous, with a constant and polished FPS rate at a technical level. Another thing is that at the artistic level the game is a little ugly; Especially the designs and archaic animations of enemies.


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