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Aperçu de Submerged: Hidden Depths

if you missed the previous episode Submerged: Hidden Depths is the direct suite of Submerged released in 2015 and also developed by Uppercut Games . We learned in this one that the world had been drowned when the oceans raised and that a strange entity nicknamed the mass appeared. The mass absorbed living species, leaving behind only without soul copies. During the first game, a girl named Miku went to one of the submerged cities to find a cure capable of treating his brother Taku. But Miku was touched by the mass which, rather than killing it, left him a strange mark on the right arm. Convinced that this brand can help the world, Miku and a Taku now healed roamed the engulfed land, looking for a new home. if you missed the previous episode an interest in question To our missteps ? an interest in question This preview started that Miku and Taku joined a ruin in the center of what seems to be the open world of the game. The game then guided us on what seems to be the main acti