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The update of Vershin impact version 2.7 was officially delayed

Impact genshin developer Mihoyo, with a global brand of Hoyverse, has announced that the next update of version 2.7 has officially postponed. The rumors that the new update would not meet its expected launch in mid-May have been circulating for weeks thanks to what it seems to be largely COVID-19 problems in China. Earlier this month, the developer said he was aware of speculation, but he had nothing to announce at that time. "Due to the progress of the project, the update of version 2.7 will be postponed," the new official statement of impact genshin reads on social networks. «To obtain detailed information on the date of the new update, the content adjustment plan and compensation, remain attentive to the next ads. We will provide the information corresponding to the travelers as soon as possible. We sincerely apologize for the discomfort caused. Thanks for your support and understanding throughout this trip ». From this moment, it is not known when impact genshin v

Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend

Mobile Mmorpg Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend will allow players to go on exciting adventures around the vast world along with beautiful pets, cool equipment and powerful dragons. Events in the game will unfold on a star island, where the main character, a young guy, decides to go on a journey to learn more about the prophecy from the book Lyut. On his way, he has to meet many interesting pets, for example, an ice bear or a fiery wyvern. The hero can tame these animals and then engage in their development so that they help in battles. By the way, the battles here will be held against evil dragons, so you can’t do without the help of strong pets. However, players will be able to unite in teams and go together on such formidable opponents.

PS Plus: Leak shows new free

The upcoming free games for PS-Plus subscribers were released again. A reliable source indicates three games with which both sports and fantasy fans can get their money's worth. PS Plus in May: The new free games at a glance PS Plus: The current free games in April In the meantime it is almost a tradition: Before Sony can announce the official free games for the coming month , they are already being leaked. This time the information comes from the French portal Dealabs. According to the source, PS4 and PS5 owners can look forward to the following three games in May: FIFA 22 * Curse of the Dead Gods Tribes of Midgard (Source: Dealabs) PS Plus in May: The new free games at a glance FIFA 22 Sure, the biggest number is FIFA 22 this month. The best-selling game of the last year is full of football action **. You can build up your own clubs in numerous modes, buy and sell stars as well as either in single players or in multiplayer against other players and clubs and fight

Deadcraft: Mix of simulation and action

Marvelous Europe introduces Deadcraft, a new simulation / action RPG in which players need to work craftsmanship to survive in a dangerous, zombies-hit world. Features Pre-order in the Microsoft Store Trailer and pictures for announcement The game will appear on May 19, 2022 for Windows PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 | 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch. Players can now prepare to fight in a world-contaminated world to fight their lives and build an army of undead subordinate by downloading the free Deadcraft demo available from now on. Download Deadcraft Demo for Xbox Deadcraft is the latest deadly and daring game by Marvelous' First Studio, the makers of Daemon X Machina. As if a meteorite hail that transformed the earth into an infertile wasteland, not bad enough, was released by the devastation as a mysterious virus, which brings the dead back to life. Unused from the fire of heaven and the dead under the earth, only a fraction of the human population is

GTM announces Kaibun, a magazine specialized in Manganime and Japanese culture

GTM EDITIONS hsubscription revealed its new project, a new magazine focused on Japanese culture, which includes the manga and anime . KAIBUN will premiere on June 22 with a number composed of 252 pages with reports, interviews and other items related to the country of the rising sun. It is a semi-annual magazine (two numbers per year), which will be supported on a subscription model. Digital Subscription: € 9.99 / year Subscription Tankōbon: € 39.99 / year Kanzenban subscription: € 59.99 / year Who works in Kaibun? All Subscriptions of Kaibun Each of the journals will revolve around a specific topic: the first issue will be the wicks, so that Sagsubscription subscription well known subscription Evangelion, Gundam or Macross will not be lacking. Regarding content, kaibun will introduce manga and anime reviews, reports on the industry and more specific pieces about customs and traditions of Japanese society. The magazine will also house criticisms of videogames linked in one way o

BVB coach Marco Rose is basically

On Wednesday evening Marco Rose sat in front of his terminal, attentively considered the quarterfinals in the Champions League and was impressed by "which Physis, which pace in Villareal was in the square on the square, how well Villarreal has made the over long stretched track. At the 1-0 win, the Spaniards proved to crack like a strong opponent with combination of physical and playful elements. "And there," says Rose with a view of the BVB, "Let's see all. The claims we have." Rose announces cadre changes Rose: "We all have to bring us a new level" KMD # 125 - Marius Wolf "Only playing nice, that will not work on top level anymore" Rose expects Bellingham and Haaland KMD # 124 - Danny Röhl KMD # 123 - Bernhard Peters KMD # 122 - Stefan Kießling KMD # 121 - Johannes Spor Rose announces cadre changes However, this season gaps a clear gap between this as well as a potential-based claim and the implementation just at top level. "I&