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The new skills of League of Legends champions may have leaked

League of Legends’ The next champion has not yet been confirmed, but after an earlier filtration that supposedly showed the first look at the new jungle of the vacuum, it seems that we could also have obtained a preview of the character's abilities. A quick look at the skills shows a champion with enough mobility and opportunities for the control of crowds, which would make sense given the role of jungle. Riot has not yet revealed to the next champion, so all this is still unofficial until then.

Bel'Veth FULL ABILITIES Reveal - League of Legends

That said, the allegedly filtered details about the champion, Bel’veth, were shared in Reddit in a SubnetDit that has already erected for those who plan to play with that champion. That information was presumably shared in this publication that was since eliminated, but not before others could extract the details of the publication and share them in other places. LIGA The Big Bad Bear player, who has been cataloging the rumors and leaks of Bel’veth, recently shared one of those videos below that included the publication information.

These skills can also be seen after the video. We left the descriptions of the skills without editing as they appeared in the video and in the original publication, although the filter reiterated that these movements were subject to changes.

Liability - Death in Lavender

  • The enemies (champions, large camps of monsters, epic monsters, siege and superstresses) release a "thing" when they die. Bel’veth can collect them to accumulate his liabilities. This liabilities forms a swarm based on batteries. He gives him theft of life against JG camps. If he attacks a turret or an epic monster, he sends his swarm towards them, healing them and damaging them. He consumes all batteries.

Q - Vacuum wave

  • Passive: Bel’veth has an "arrow" in 4 diagonals.- Active: Beliveth slides, inflicts damage and slows down. He activates his liabilities to past enemies while he is in Endless Banquet. When he damages a large champion / monster / epic monster (in the direction of the arrow) with his career, he restores completely to throw himself again. If she is used against small monsters / subjects in the direction of the arrow, she restores 40% of QCD.

W - Up and below

  • It seems the same as Rek's W with the WKE W. Belveth passes to clandestinity (in reality she enters a sea, water, I don't know) for a short time, gaining movement speed and crossing walls. In the end, she disregards, inflicts damage and demolishes all enemies in the area. While she is in Endless Banquet, she becomes unattainable and gives a brief stunning after the demolition.

E - maelstrom real

  • Bel’veth begins to channel a vortex, during which she cannot move and attract all the enemies towards her, which damages them every second. During it, she receives less damage. She returns% of all the damage she received for the attackers (like Thornmail). While she is in Endless Banquet, this inflicts true damage per second, the reduction of damage to her is greater and, in the end, she can exploit her area.

R - endless banquet

  • Bel'veth becomes the true form of it for (?) Seconds (such as the Ratox or Swain's new R, the duration is high and can be longer while she is in combat) improving all the skills of the skills of she. She wins HP, MR, armor and damage. While she is transformed, collect (passive accumulation) cures Bel’veth for%. She uses all her accumulations to form a swarm of (fish?), That damage the nearby enemy champions. The swarm dies after a while, but can be renewed by killing champions.

Bel’veth has not yet been officially revealed, but when that happens, we will have to see how close these skills are aligned with real treatment.


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