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How to play for Farra in Overwatch 2 - Hero Guide

Overwatch Farrah is the Queen of Heaven in Overwatch, armed with a rocket launcher and eager for glory. She uses vertical space on the maps, hovering over the commands and causing damage. With the advent of Overwatch 2, some changes have occurred in the equipment of Farrah that changed her play style, which can confuse Overwatch 1. A guide on how to play for Farrah in Overwatch 2.

Hide for Heroes Farrah in Overwatch 2

What is the role of Farrah in the team?

Farrah is a character that causes damage, which gives her acceleration of movement and reloading speed after each destruction. Its role in the team is to crush the enemy with continuous missiles, creating a vertical threat to opponents. She has a missile installation that is effective at a large distance, and its shells are caused by slight damage over the area. Its individual shells can also injure themselves, applying a maximum of 40 units of damage to themselves. It is most useful in the air, as it is a moving target that is not easy to knock down.

What is the difference between Farrah in Overwatch 2?

In Overwatch 2, Farrah missiles are applied more damage with direct hit, but less damage from spraying. This change in the kit requires Pharaoh to be more accurate in their shots, and not shoot indiscriminately. In Overwatch 2, Farrah also begins to reload 0.25 seconds earlier, when it ends in cartridges. Finally, the ability of Farrah Concussive Blast applies 30 units of damage when directed and discards more.

Farrah abilities listed

Here is each of the ability of Farrah, as well as their purpose in battle.

Jet jump * * Launches you rapidly up. After using this ability, players usually use Hover Jets to stay in the air. Branding explosion * Shoots an explosive projectile applying 30 pieces of damage and throwing enemies back. This ability is often used to create space in a team battle or to repel enemies outside the map. It can also be used with Jump Jet to start the air at an angle. Hover Jets * Hold this ability to soar in the air. After activating this ability, an indicator of fuel level will appear on the screen. If you exceed the capacity of the fuel level indicator, Farrah will fall to the ground. Hover Jets is usually used in combination with Jump Jet to stay in the air and not fall. * At the right pace, you can alternate Hover Jets and Jump Jet to stay in the air for an indefinite period. Although there are videos showing the right time, this skill can also be gradually purchased by playing for the hero. Role: Damage (passive) * * After the destruction of Farrah, he receives acceleration of movement and reloading speed. This passive is universal for all characters in the Damage class. salvo (ultimate) * * This ultimate ability launches a continuous volley of missiles, but you cannot move during its action. These missiles can also damage Farrah, so they should not be used at a very close distance.

Tips and Far Punnets

Playing Pharaoh for a long time, you will learn several gameplay receptions. Here are some tips for novice players in Pharaoh.

  • During the flight, use the environment in your interests. Try using Concussive Blast to fly on the roofs and find places for snipers. Playing Farrah, the horizon is your territory. Be sure to read the areas that you can and cannot access.
  • Your missiles have a delay between launch and landing. Farra's bullets do not work like such characters as Cassidy and Soldiers: 76, so you will have to learn to predict the location of the enemy to get to the target.
  • Playing Farrah, do everything possible to never touch the earth for a long time. When you are on the ground, you are a sitting duck, and you can be quickly eliminated. Practice her Hover Jets time at the training ground and see how long you can stay in the air.
  • Although characters such as Widow maker and Soldier: 76, effectively destroy the Farrah, they are not invincible. Try to penetrate the enemy with the help of the Containing Explosion ability, shooting missiles before they have time to react. This strategy works especially well for the characters that use the sight for aiming, as they are usually distracted during the battle.

To get additional Overwatch 2 manuals, check out the Overwatch 2 launch day, suffering from errors due to DDoS attacks, here, in games for professionals.


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