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Black Desert Online 11th Update News

On the 11th (11th), Pearl Abyss held the update news of the online game 'Black Desert', which is being serviced, and 'Cal peon Banquet' to announce future plans. The Cal peon banquet was first held in Los Angeles, not Korea, and was held live on the field through official YouTube and Twitch.

As it is an early time of Korean time, Pearl Abyss held a 2022 Cal peon banquet to open the morning of the PC room group for domestic users who watch the banquet. This event is designed as an event to enjoy the black desert with a total of 240 users in Seoul and Susan, and watch the banquet together. I also enjoyed it.

  • Event: Black Desert Cal peon Banquet in Los Angeles

  • Date: December 11, 2022 (Sun) 08: 00 ~ 12: 00

  • Content: Introduction to the Black Desert New Update and Q & A

■ Black Desert's first twin class, 'USA'

In the first order, the 25th new class 'USA' of the Black Desert was introduced. USA is 'Mage' and twin sisters released on the prosecutor's mobile. The twins, which are first introduced in the Black Desert and the Black Desert Mobile, are made of twin classes at the end of how to provide new pleasure.

USA is from the morning country, and the costume itself has a modern reinterpretation and combination of Korean traditional costumes. Overall, it maintains a dark color, expresses a strong personality, and expresses the characteristics of the light, cool, and slims of the harbor. In addition, USA is the main weapon of 'luxury ship', which calls butterflies, and uses auxiliary weapons and performs the action.

One of the main technologies of USA, Sonali is a super armor and a stun CC. It is a technology that adventurers will use a lot because of their fans, causing rainstorms in the center of the world, strong damage to enemies in a wide range, and because of their good range. This technology will be increased in connection with other technologies later.

'OK Cloud' causes clouds and lightning in front of them, causing damage in a large range. The dark clouds can be canceled at the same time, and the rain and lightning pour out of the dark clouds, and the USA can use or move other techniques between them. There is also a rebuff that reduces the other's attack power, and instead, the rebuff does not apply.

'Summer Wind' is a technology that has a large debt and wields cool. There is no cooldown, and the damage is also observed, so it can be used in various combos. If you win, you can use it even more powerful, which can be used once more, and the range is widened, and the damage is increased. 'Muscle' and 'Burke Butterfly' have an increase in damage and reduction of opponents, respectively, so they can be used in the middle of the combo.

In addition, USA has a mobile unit called 'Yang ban Pace' and 'Butterfly Cloud'. The pace is a technology that disappears from the front and right for a while and moves. 'Butterfly Cloud' is a mobile mobilization that makes you feel like walking freely.

After the tradition, USA, who has a special ability, can use the technology of 'power to hold' and can return it to the enemy by using the technology within a limited time. This 'power of power' is a very useful technology in PVP.

USA uses a butterfly and madding to create a cloud. Afterwards, the use of a specific technology will cause rain and lightning to damage the opponent. On the contrary, when there is an USA near the creation of the cloud, when the USA has a control effect in the military, the lightning may fall off and protect the other person. As such, it is the greatest feature of USA that can make various changes depending on the cloud summoning status.

As mentioned earlier, USA is a class that allows you to fight against the enemy with a variety of arts using debt, and strategically combat the situation that leads to the next play through the creation effect. In addition, PVP can store and release opponents' damage, so you can also hit a blow in various situations.

In line with the twin concepts, Mage and USA shares their weapons with each other. Mage can use his brother's debt as an awakening weapon, and his brother USA can use his sister's amulet as an awakening weapon. However, it will be prepared in a completely different style, reflecting that the characteristics of the two characters are very different.

The twin sister, Mage, has a completely different style compared to USA. When setting up twins, they decided that their tastes should be clear in consideration of the adventurers' tastes and play styles.

If the USA feels calm and strong, Mage was expressed as the opposite charm. Mage is designed to be beautiful, gorgeous and fascinating at the same time as the concept of nine-tailed lakes. The costume of harbor is the same, but Mage is designed with a light color and a red point.

Mage, a member of the left, uses a talisman 'Ho In-min' containing the fox's soul, and uses various magic attacks. Unlike USA, the combat style also uses technology as usual. Mage will be released in January 2022. Pearl Abyss will be added from the time of the launch of the USA, and the world buff will be added to the launch of the Maggie and the addition of attack and defense until a month later.

■ East is the land of dawn, 'morning country'

After the introduction to the new character, Kim Banshee PD introduced the new area 'Morning Country'. Dong ta is a new area modeled after the land of dawn and the morning country. From ancient to modern times, it is produced based on folk tales, tales, and legends.

In the morning, the country is also set in Jose on, but it is designed to be easy and easy to enjoy global and comfortable. In the morning, there are other ghosts in the day and night.

First, the setting of Haseo-guk, which represented the Eastern civilization in the Black Desert worldview, is completely reconstructed, and 'Rat Port' becomes Nampa Port. The Player can meet various characters in the morning country, and the softening of the previously emerged softening appears again, and is caught up in various events with the luggage stone.

The country of morning is divided into East Sea and Yellow Sea, and the observer of the East Sea is Lee Doo-doo. Camellia Lee Doo-doo is an excellent man and respected by the people. In the morning country, it is not a linear story, but a structure that has a structure in which players find clues. There are two endings in these major stories.


In the new region, new figures such as Hwajeonmin, Camellia's hands, toy teachers and turtles will also meet, and new tigers will also appear. The stories created by these characters are produced based on Korean folk tales and tales.

In the morning country, there is no hunting ground like a conventional hunting ground. Dew Funding, Change, and Bamboo Leaf, and other unveiled hairs are the main combat content of the morning country.

In the morning country, unlike now, the head rush is being prepared as a main content without a regular hunting ground. All heads of heads can never be caught by pile miles, and their own ways of attack have been set. The player can understand the gimmicks of the heads or conquer the head one by one through various items settings. In addition, all the heads are composed of a way to deal with them alone.

Of course, for cooperation play, some monsters are also personal and guild heads. For example, 'Dew Bum Ni' uses various attacks and technologies that can be attacked by themselves, and when Moonshine appears in a guild unit, it is a method of using new forms of attack and special patterns.

In the morning country, you can get gloves, one of the highest black desert items. The highest grade items such as 'Dan's Gloves', which are the motifs of the Jose on Dynasty, as well as a powerful option, but only one can be worn.

The new area of the Black Desert is being developed to be released in Korea in February, and Global is planning to provide localization as soon as the localization is finished.

■ Console update and other updates

On December 14, when USA is updated, the private hunting ground Mani's secret room is added. Console users can also enjoy hunting without interference from other users for an hour. Add the generous hand-gardening technology of the fairy that automatically use food and leap, and add an item acquisition increase order console UI. In addition, black star auxiliary weapons and the breakthrough of the Capra are also expanded.

In addition, we update the head of personal games. It is possible to defeat it once a week with an update that can be defeated and rewarded by itself, and it is possible to challenge it as a Tuvalu equipment. In addition, it will continue to be prepared by devising the form that is considered necessary in consideration of the specificity of the console.

Kim Banshee said that the Black Desert Console version will start on December 14th with the new class USA Update, and the process will be changed by collecting contents on a few months to update large-scale contents at once.

This is a decision to update more smoothly in line with the console platform in the form of a free DLC. In the case of the content update, the DLC-type update will be made, but the patches such as the improvement of convenience such as the balance patch will be carried out by two weeks.

Pearl Abyss also prepares a cross play server that allows you to enjoy all content, including the base of the Thailand and Southeast Asian service regions and occupation. When cross play is applied, users of Thailand and Southeast Asia will be able to enjoy the same content as the previous world occupation, not as a single event. The details of cross play will be released later. In addition, we are also concerned about moving the North American server in the west to the central area to resolve the difference in ping.

■ Developer Talk Q & A ■ Crystal preset

The development is almost completed. The crystal preset told me that it takes a long time because it has to change the system structure completely. Many adventurers have been waiting for them to raise their priorities and are almost finished. If you look at the prepared situation, you will be able to update the Black Desert Institute on December 16.

In the future, modifications will not be installed on the equipment, but will be mounted on the dedicated UI. By setting a preset in a dedicated UI


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