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League of Legends - Riot Games says that magicians will not lose their relevance


The magicians have always been a class to take into account in League of Legends, already because of their impact on the Midland, the most popular role in the game even though it is not the most powerful, both in Solo, and among professionals among the professionals. It is true that it has always been difficult to see many magicians at the same time in the Midland of a metajuego, since there are only a few that dominate, and it is much rarer to cross with others. However, even taking this into account, its popularity has decreased considerably in this preseason. Either in the professional scene or in Sold, the murderers have opened the step in the goal to the detriment to the magicians. So much so that today, if we except for one or two champions, it is much more common partly thanks to interesting combos with Name or Yuri as support.

Where does the problem come from?

You can see from several nuances the first one is that the magicians have experienced few changes in their game approach in recent seasons (the experiences of experience in the subjects have a great impact, but the game in general does not change much). Then, they ended up having very little news despite the appearance of the mythical, where the other archetypes were better attended. Finally, and not least, it is now faster than AP, and also 1 ad costs less than 1 AP.

Riot Games to Refection statements

Riot Axes has given some clarifications on this subject. That AP objects are more expensive than AD are strange, but it is not necessarily a problem. If players were given the option to buy faster or in greater quantities, most of the proportions of spells would have than to be nerfed. Although personally, I am rather in favor of facilitating the purchase of AP, although this is not an easy decision to implement. It is true that this could solve part of the problem, by allowing the magicians to make snowball more effectively, since gold gains would have more impact. However, I could also do the opposite since they can feel useless in case the line phase is not good. More than doing a total archetype review, we would have to deal with the magicians' case by case. Of course, we see that there are modifications to do on them, but we have nothing. Special planned for the moment. However, we are aware that There is a problem with this archetype, but until we really do not have a solution that seems relevant to us, we do not promise anything.


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