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Wow: Maiev Schattenang Armor & 2 Transmog Updates


The trading position is a brand-new wow feature that enters into have fun with patch 10.0.5. In the capitals of the Horde and Allianz, sellers will soon appear that deal unique products. The designers of Wow wished to encourage gamers to do lots of various jobs. You can discover more about the new feature and how the trading position operates in this short article.

for the guards of Caldera!

The first look at the offer in the trading position generally makes the hearts of mount and transmit collectors beat much faster. Blizzard even fulfills the fans of the night brings and elves a special dream two transmit outfits into play that are based upon the iconic armor of the famous Waldorf heroine and Lillian hunter Maier Shadow. The guards' ornate are available in 2 different colors that take up the topic of sun and moon. The sun armor for guards of Caldera. Source: Towhead The moon decommissioning for guardians of Caldera. Source: Towhead In keeping with the brand-new transmit attire, there are 2 new night sister mounts that optically fit the respective armor. In the WoW community there is presently a hot debate whether the new sun armor is not a sign that the night elves can pull through Zeroth as a palatine in the future. Ash' Adar, Harbinger of Dawn - The moon night sister than mount. Source: Towhead

Ash' Adar, Precursor of Dawn-The sunnachtler than install.

Source: Towhead

Who was Maier Scattering?

Maier was originally a priestess of the moon goddess Elude, who battled against the burning legion in the war of the forefathers. After the development of the second fountain of eternity, Maier formed a militant order from priests who are committed to guarding Lillian Sturmgrimm. She offered as a guardian of Illinois. Maier followed this task for 10,000 years up until Trade Lillian freed from his dungeon (Warcraft 3).

The guard followed the devil hunter into the shard of shards, where she finally extended it down (Burning Crusade). Orc witch champion GUL' Dan devastated at the start of Wow (buy now): Legion the hiding location of the guards and liberated Lillian from his crystal prison. Maier then attempted to follow Lillian Sturmgrimm again. In the end, however, their hunt was unsuccessful. The demon hunter disappeared without a trace with the pantheon of the titans in space. To the homepage to the gallery Tanja Barth


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